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The normal reality you may have:

  • A car accident (damage, injury, medical bills, loss of employment) or
  • home or business property damage (from wind, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, theft or any other legitimate reason).
You don’t want to confront the “insurance system” because it’s big and complicated and takes time. Which it is and which it does.
You may feel afraid or embarrassed or intimidated or uncomfortable or ashamed. That’s natural.

And you often will accept whatever payment your insurance company offers you. In most cases, it’s minimal and will NOT cover all your bills.

That’s because most insurance firms try to pay out as little as possible. Their normal process is to deny claims and maximize their profits. Most care about themselves, not about YOU. But that’s all you think you can get. You just want some money now to take care of your family (even though you could get a LOT more).

You may also...

Ask a friend or relative to fix your car or fix your property.

  • Does your friend’s labor include all the parts?
  • Will you have to pay for those out of pocket?
  • Is your friend a professional who does this kind of repair work every day?
  • Can your friend guarantee that your car will not break down or your house will not leak in another month?
Probably not.

The alternative to get you more money

You DON’T have to accept the first offer you receive.

You have paid your insurance premiums every month.

You CAN speak to a lawyer who will fight for you.
You DON’T need to pay the lawyer UNTIL the lawyer gets you the money you deserve.

Translation of documents and conversations totally free for you.

Full Compensation Agreements
we support you in everything

Even if you don’t speak much English...

Our partner, Auerbach International will TRANSLATE your spoken conversations and written documents from or into most other languages. All for free to YOU, the client.

Removing the language barrier could save you thousands.

You ARE entitled by LAW to a FULL SETTLEMENT – which means you have the RIGHT -- to be compensated for your complete repairs, your ambulance bills, your medical bills, your physical therapy bills, your lost income, your lost business inventory, your damaged or lost furniture, your hotel or rental payments while you could not inhabit your premises, and more.

About us...

Our story

We, the IGIC founders, don’t like to see people exploited or cheated. People with limited resources, recent immigrants, and limited English speakers are often in that category. And that makes us angry. We formed IGIC to bring justice to you, the underserved, because almost no one else is doing so.

With almost 25 years’ combined experience, Darin Vega and his partner JL Evans have earned over $50 million in client settlements. Darin KNOWS the way most insurance companies operate and KNOWS that their customers deserve and can win far more than they are offered.

With his Mexican immigrant heritage, Darin knows how the language barrier or intimidation by an unfamiliar system can make people afraid … especially if they come from a culture where “little people” with “little power” are not supposed to challenge authority. And that makes him furious. He KNOWS that when an insurance company says “NO WAY” they will pay, their statement is NOT final. In most cases, it’s not even accurate. It’s just their first and natural response because most insurers don’t want to pay. No Way does not mean No Way. Darin has gotten insurers to PAY fair and equitable compensation for many hundreds of people who could not fight the system by themselves … especially when they have no money to pay expensive lawyers. (You don’t have to have money for the lawyers now. They will take an agreed percentage of your settlement, the final amount they will negotiate for you).

Philip Auerbach has a firm called Auerbach International. For over 30 years, his company has provided outstanding, guaranteed and accurate business and technical translating of anything written and interpreting of anything spoken … in 120 languages, including all varieties of Spanish. The company has served huge corporations such as Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Disney, Marriott, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and Bayer; Government agencies such as the US Departments of Justice and Defense as well as the California and San Francisco Departments of Public Health; plus hundreds of nonprofits, small enterprises, individuals and many immigrants.

He has lived in four other countries (and travelled widely in the US and abroad) and knows the excitement of starting a new life and the uncertainty of dealing with unknown – and sometimes frightening — bureaucracies. Philip has also studied eight languages and speaks French and Japanese pretty well. He and his company are all about connecting clients across cultures. For over 15 years, Philip has also run a monthly dialog group to bridge people of different religions and ideas. He hates to see people treated badly or exploited, and has spent decades fighting for justice and understanding.
Together, Darin, Philip and their teams want to ensure that you are treated fairly. That you gain the same results as people with more resources. Because if you live in the US and pay your taxes and pay your insurance policies – regardless of your citizenship status – you are entitled to the same rights and same results as other US residents. Darin provides the legal savvy. Philip provides your ability to speak and write with the lawyers who can fight for you to get the results you deserve.
Together they have formed Integrity Global Intake Center (IGIC) to listen, help and provide the justice you deserve when you suffer tremendous loss, often beyond your direct control. We are on your side when your situation seems the darkest. And we help bring you into new light so you can continue to build for yourself and your family. At no upfront cost.

Contact us...

IGIC is on your side. We are an Intake Center. You contact us and we will LISTEN to you. We are the hand that will help you recover your and your family’s lives. We will record the circumstances of your loss and match you with a qualified, experienced lawyer who will fight for you ….not just take what the insurance company offers. Our partner lawyers can often get you 100% or 1000% more than you expected, depending on your case. Our lawyers are fully qualified and have an excellent record securing excellent settlements for our clients.

And again, you pay NOTHING unless and until your lawyer gets a generous settlement for you.

What your intake agent will need to know?

When you call us at the number below, an Intake Agent will answer. He/she will ask you a lot of questions. Please review the questions below and have your answers ready. The Intake Agent will also ask you when, where and how your accident or damage occurred. Your answers will help us to review your case and pair you with a lawyer or law firm that specializes in your kind of loss or damage. The lawyer will call you about the next steps. Those may include sending him/her a copy of your insurance policy and telling you what to expect. If you don’t speak much English, all this can be done through a telephone interpreter at no extra cost to you.
IGIC. Integrity Global Impact Center. Please call 833-773-7447 for a free consultation. Or fill out this form and we will contact you.

    IGIC makes referrals to experienced lawyers and law firms that are likely to get you the best settlement possible at no advance cost to you. The recommended lawyer(s) will work hard and receive a percentage of your settlement. The lawyer will discuss that percentage with you. If you are not satisfied with your recommended lawyer, please contact us again and we will make another referral. Neither we nor the referred lawyers can guarantee a settlement. By sending us this form or contacting us by phone, you acknowledge that IGIC makes referrals only and is not involved in and is not responsible for whatever settlement the lawyers can obtain for you. IGIC is a fully free and complementary to you, the client.